Terms and Conditions (All Programmes)

In order to request services from Siyabonga Africa please take note of the following terms and conditions …

1. Siyabonga Africa provides services to people facing financial difficulties.
2. Services are issued, when resources are available, to people who are on the waiting list for services.
3. If you receive a service, you are requested to sign for it digitally.
4. You are required to be available to answer the phone if you have submitted an application. Many people lose out on services because they do not answer their phones when we call to make arrangements.
5. Siyabonga Africa keeps your information safely on a digital, password-protected database. Only authorised personnel have access to it.
6. Your information is used for record keeping and reporting purposes only.
7. Siyabonga Africa will not give your information to any person, agency or company unless they have funded the service and request evidence.
8. Siyabonga Africa may use your photos for reports, website or other social media unless you have requested us not to do so in writing.
9. Siyabonga Africa may use your story to create awareness about difficulties people face and the services that Siyabonga Africa provides. You may request us not to do so in writing.
10. When working together, whether in person or online, all parties are required to treat each other with dignity, respect and kindness.
11. Misunderstandings or disputes will be handled in a professional and constructive manner. Siyabonga Africa will not be held liable for legal fees.
12. If you choose to apply for services at Siyabonga Africa, you are confirming that you fully and completely absolve and indemnify Siyabonga Africa and their responsible people, from any liabilities whatsoever resulting from your engagement with Siyabonga Africa and/or for any loss or damage to property or bodily injury arising from any source whatsoever, be it accident, food poisoning, or anything else. You will not hold Siyabonga Africa responsible for any personal belongings that may be lost or stolen while you are engaging with the organisation.
13. Any clarity-seeking questions may be emailed to info@siyabongaafrica.org.za.