Change Agent Agreement

At Siyabonga Africa, we believe that every person, in some or other way, holds the power to make a positive difference – for themselves, their families and even their communities.

By applying for a service at Siyabonga Africa, you become part of the Siyabonga Africa family. As a Siyabonga AfriCAN, we adopt a CAN DO attitude.

I CAN try. I CAN help. I CAN do what it takes, even if it is hard. I CAN make a difference. I CAN choose gratitude.

Being an AGENT OF CHANGE starts here. We encourage you to …

1. Choose to be an agent of change for your life and for your family
2. Choose to do what it takes to make a positive difference for yourself and your family
3. Choose to look for ways to make your community a better place
4. Choose to participate in the process in order to receive the service you have requested
5. Choose to participate in positive programmes in your community
6. Choose not to wait for someone else to change your life or fix your situation
7. Choose not to blame others even though it may be their fault
8. Choose not to take offense
9. Choose gratitude and kindness
10. Choose to be responsible for your own happiness